Roth Michaels


I will be expanding the software section of this website soon; but first, there is some code I have been working on that is awaiting documentation.

In the meantime, you can find references to some of my previous work below:

Open Source

It is my belief that giving users access to source-code lead to more varied and creative uses of that software. By implementing solutions for your business or art project using open-source software, your solution will truely be taylored to your needs versus being used the way other software developers decided your software to work.

When we contribute our custom software solutions back to the open-source community, we are doing more than merely paying the community back for the open-source software we use. By providing tools to the global community to be used in a new/creative ways by others, we are also able to crowd source development and bug fixing efforts.


Check out my GitHub profile for a look at some of my open source software work.

Old Max Objects

At the end of 2011, due to interest on the Max forums, I posted rm.slice along with a couple other rothm.oves to this website. Until updated versions are made available, they can be downloaded below.

rothm.oves (from 2011)

What is available for download now is a small collection of the Max/MSP/Jitter externals I have worked on that have been tested enough for public release. Stay tuned for more objects to be released soon (including a new library for a frame based approach to working with FFT data in MSP and gen~).


The rm.slice object fills a call with start and endpoints for segments within a buffer~ based on when amplitude rises above a given threshold. This is a java implementation of Nao Tokui's slice~ based on a Max implementation by Volker Böhm.


Normally when typing a in a number box in Max, the number box retains focus after hitting enter (unlike Pd) and can be problematic in performance if the numbers on the keyboard are also mapped to handle other commans. This js provides a method for clearing focus on a number box when hitting enter or tab.


Fixes bugged output from an mxj when using outletHigh(int outletIdx, java.lang.String message, float[] values) or outletHigh(int outletIdx, java.lang.String message, int[] values).

See my post about the bug on Cycling 74's forums for more info: